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How We Scaled This Ecommerce Brand To $1M ARR With Paid Ads & Content.

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You Get An Increase in Ad Results Or Your Money Back.

With our Peak™ Process, we eliminated the organizational nightmare and lack of security you get when partnering with a traditional agency. We aim to generate incredible results for our ecommerce clients and are so confident in our capacities that we're contractually obligated to deliver you results.

We Help You Achieve Omnipresence

Forget about partnering with ad agencies. You need a growth partner. At Wizo Media, we specialize in growth tactics and paid advertising across channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, YouTube, and more.

If you're looking to maximize your ad budget, for kickass ad creatives, AND the right guidance with email retention & SMS, you know what to do...

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This brand came to us with no prior ad experience, only a few boosted posts here and there. On our 1-year partnership anniversary, they surpassed for the 1st time the $1M/year mark. Through paid ads & email marketing, we were able to generate them $437,000 in exactly 12 months for an ROI on our services of 10.92, officially making them a 7-figure brand.


For a first BFCM experience, it was a definite success. Our goal was to create hype and increase engagement prior to the big day, then scale campaigns on proven ad channels. This led to a whopping $200k in 3 days across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


The end of winter and the beginning of spring aren't always fun times for seasonal fashion brands... Unless you're able to appropriately leverage paid traffic. We helped this client successfully liquidate the past year's inventory while generating sales around their new collection launch. We made them £48k in 1 month at a platform-reported ROAS of 9.25x.

TikTok Adsᴺᵉʷ

We're back in the wild west.

In one year only, Facebook ad CPMs have increased by 37%. Guess what happened during that same year? The rise of TikTok. Picture this: Facebook ads performance from 2017, the most advanced algorithm on the planet, and a search engine that became more popular than Google's in 2021... Welcome to TikTok Ads. 🤯

How In-Depth Is Our TikTok Experience?

Well, let's just say we've known a thing or two on how to get viral on TikTok even before the platform became mainstream.

Our first ever TikTok post went viral within 24 hours amassing 335k views and 17.6k likes while our 3rd ever post on the platform totaled 385k views and 67k likes.

And the craziest thing is... They're still getting views today!

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Scale Your Paid Ads To The Next Level.

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Fashion & Swimwear: $10k Per Month To $40k Per Month

10.53x ROAS achieved for our women's fashion & swimwear brand. Before working with us, they had very little advertising experience and had only launched a few ads in the past. After working with us in the summer of 2021, they generated a consistent 8-12x ROAS every month.

Jewelry: $10k In Ads Brought Them An Extra $60k In Revenue

6.83x ROAS achieved for this online jewelry & accessory brand. This brand had only previously been doing retargeting ads, slowly burning through its existing audience... After over 9 months of partnership, we've consistently generated a 6-8x ROAS for this client of ours.

Skincare: 9.55x Within ONE Month Only

With only $2,096.36 invested into ads in June 2021, we've generated this client an extra $20,022.16 in revenue. This brand had 0 ad experience prior to working with us. No boosted posts, no ads, plain organic. They were ready to scale, and we did exactly that within just 28 days.

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Scale Your Paid Ads To The Next Level.

Tired of working with a so-called "Facebook Ad Agency" or should I say... a "one-trick pony"?

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

- Paid ads aren't cutting it since IOS 14

- You want to 2x your revenue this year

- You get spammed by agencies promising you the same *shit*

In short, this only means we both need to get creative.

Growth happens when you look at your entire business, not just a single ad channel. And, you're already spending a pretty penny on ads, so having to explain it all to your agency isn't something you have time for...

But, what if there's a way to...

- "Bulletproof" your brand with omnichannel marketing

- Leverage high-converting ad creatives to combat disappearing targeting capabilities

- Beat rising ad costs by leveraging new marketing channels like TikTok

There is.

Wizo Media is the answer - Join the change.

Unlike most ad agencies, we're focused on your business' growth as a whole. We've got cutting-edge knowledge and are the firsts to know of new techniques and technologies being leveraged around the marketing industry. We'll personally help you grow your brand through paid advertising and advanced email/SMS guidance.

Here's how the Peak Process works...

Scale Your Paid Ads To The Next Level.


Growth is predictable. Envisioning your growth process is the 1st pillar in this 4-pillar journey.

From learning more about each other (just like how any old couple started!), to showing you exactly how we'll implement similar results as the one shown above within your business, we'll be establishing your baseline for profitability using our Profit Auditing Tool.

Alchemical Research

Yep, we're wizards (Duh. Wizo!). And what do wizards first do? They do LOTS of research.

It all starts with a deep market analysis. Understanding your niche, competitors, demographics, etc.

We then take a look at your current customer base. Let's understand what your customers eat, like, dislike... The more info, the better!

You ran ads, you been regularly posting organically, you worked with other agencies... All of these things will help us create strong foundations for the next 90 days.

We'll wipe the slate clean... If necessary.

You can't build a mansion with scraps. Though, with the right foundations and process, let's just say you'll have a pretty cozy mansion soon enough.

Kaizen Kreative

With our AIDA-based strategy, we'll create the best "hook", so you can now feel confident in your ad campaigns.

Our team of creative directors will help you internally strategize your creative planning to strive for performance.

Or, get access to a team of dedicated graphic designers, video editors, and creative directors at your disposal for unlimited monthly creative requests!

We took the guessing game out of our process and simplified our campaign structure to make it easy on you, and the algorithm.

Powerful Reporting

Forget your CSVs or excel sheets with complex metrics. How about an easy-to-understand LIVE reporting dashboard?

As a Wizo Media client, you have access to your own custom reporting platform, available 24/7.

With a bird' eye view of your data, you'll be in a position to make informed decisions.

Let's not forget communication! 2 long-form reporting updates/week and 1 reporting zoom call/week? We call that 'the bare minimum'.

Oh, and you want to fix your IOS 14 attribution problems? We'll give you access to Triple Whale with an exclusive discount as a Wizo Media client.

BONUS: Coaching

You'll also get access to ongoing coaching from our team on all aspects of your brand.

We strive to help you create a better D2C brand, so we're committed to doing whatever it takes to make you successful.

Get weekly tips on CRO, branding, organic marketing, influencer partnerships, and more.

We've successfully mixed full-service and growth coaching into one.

Scale Your Paid Ads To The Next Level.

The Wizo Media Difference

Who Is This For?

  • Founders of brands currently generating $15,000+ per month in revenue
  • Founders wishing to scale above + 6-7 figures per month
  • Founders that are tired of working with agencies promising the world but delivering the moon at best.
  • Founders wishing to consistently and profitably increase MRR / ARR.

No Risk, Infinite Upside.

Learn how we can help massively increase your revenue and scale your brand. During this call, we learn more about your business and identify how to bring your ambitions to life. Again, no results, no agency fees, period. You don't pay anything until we deliver profitable results.

Scale Your Paid Ads To The Next Level.

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